About Us

Med Equip INC. is a well-reputed international company specializing in buying and selling used medical types of equipment. We engage in appraising your pre-owned medical equipment and providing you with a desirable quote for them. If a deal is confirmed, our technical experts will complete A-Z dismantling/de-installation of your medical equipment regardless of their size and collect it from your site.

Med Equip INC.

What can we do for you ?

It’s just your Choice! Select according to priority and Price, Med Equip proceed it as fast as possible with safe delivery.
There are a wide range of shipping option from One day transit time through FedEx overnight to Sea Freight for international customers.

You can contact us via phone or email and our expert team will contact you, typically within an hour during normal business hours Our Service hours: 9:30 AM -7:45 PM- EST (Time Zone) Monday to Friday.

We Guarantee your Peace of mind.

All Refurbished Medical Equipment is tested by our expert technicians and Biomedical Engineers prior to ship.

Support for installation is accessible, irrespective of size (small items such as defibrillators – patient monitors to huge machines Anesthesia machines & ultrasound)
maintaining products through free or discounted service , and having a clear exchange and return
Exchange and return Policy is available, due to terms and conditions.