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Patient Monitor Location

Patient Monitors or Medical Monitor Product is also known as a Vital Sign Monitor, ECG or EKG Monitor, or Anesthesia Monitor, depending on what data it’s representing on the screen. These Patient ECG Monitors are a necessity to shop for a clinic or a hospital. It’s used to measure, store, record, filter, set, distribute, and display the biometric results data based on the patient’s health status.

Patient Monitors Usage and Types

Generally, not all Patient Monitors are the same; some are ECG, EKG, or Glucose Monitor. Thus, at Med-Equip, we have put these Monitoring Systems into Groups to assist you in selecting your monitoring technology and Buying your Monitors from our list of devices for your clinical or hospital usage.

Multiple Parameter Vital Signs Monitors

The Multi-Parameter Vital Signs Monitor displays 4 to 6 critical signs that will indicate the patient’s data. These monitoring screens gauge and store multiple parameters that measure the patients’ body condition levels depending on their health state and treatment.

The 4 Main Vital Signs In Multi-Parameter Monitor

The Vital Signs that a Monitor with Multiple Parameter measures are 4 main signs:

1. Body Temperature (BT)

The normal body temperature range is 36.5 to 37.5 Degree Celcius. However, it would still depend on the patient and their health state, age, gender, time, day, state of consciousness, emotional condition, and exertion state. The available variance in temperature could help doctors understand the patient’s health condition. For example, in 2021, a temperature higher than 37.8C was the feature of Coronavirus.

2. Blood Pressure (BP)

BP is the circulation of blood within the blood vessels and the pressure they insert. Different BP variance in the patient could indicate different hypotension or hypertension.

3. Pulse and Heart Rate (HR)

The Heart Rate Speed will Measure the heart per minute (bpm) rate. Different Abnormalities in the measurement may signify disease.

4. Respiratory Rate (RR)

The RR measures the patient’s breathing per minute based on the air inhaled volume and the diagnostic results that follow due to potential dysfunctions.

Depending on the patient and their state of health, the doctor could allow two other vital signs to be added to the ECG / EKG screen.

5. The Fifth Vital Sign

It could be pain scale, menstrual cycle, oxygen levels, or Blood Glucose.

6. The Sixth Vital Sign

Depending on the patient’s health and doctor’s parameters. The monitor could display; Carbon Dioxide Levels, Body Functions, Breath Shortness and Consistency, Gait Speed, and Delirium.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Monitors

The NIBP Monitor will record and measure the BP of the patient using non-invasive techniques like the cuff system. These are best for patients who are alert and awake with minor health complications.

Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP) Monitors

IBP Monitor is usually used in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or directly in the operating room, especially for cardiac patients. It involves direct arterial pressure insertion of a needle in the patient’s artery. The device features data that are collected based on the IBP parameters taken from the patient.

Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)

The Most painless monitor for the patient, the Pulse Oximeter Accuracy Monitor, has the highest accuracy while being safe for continuous use in Hospitals and Home Care.

Fetal Monitors

The Fetal Monitor is placed next to the patient at their bedside. The Monitor consists of a touchscreen ECG monitor screen unit, support cables, tubes, and electrode circuit. The Fatel Monitor is designed to take and record the uterine contraction or maternal blood pressure and heart rate for the maternity patient through childbirth.

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