Buy Refurbished Medical Equipment in Toronto

Buying new “out-of-the-box” medical equipment for a hospital or other health care facilities may be a costly proposition, and it is mostly needless. This is why it is no surprise to find out a hospital has turned to buy refurbished medical equipment in Toronto or any other parts of Canada.

A smart way to save money while ensuring that the patients continue to receive the best treatment and service possible is to purchase remanufactured or refurbished medical equipment. One of the facts of the healthcare sector today is that many facilities in Canada are being pushed to do more. This poses a challenge in that modern, more effective innovations are financially out of reach for clinics that are already dealing with staff and cash shortages.

Medical institutions and physicians must ensure that their medical equipment meets every patient’s needs to provide patients with the highest standard of treatment possible. It can cost thousands and thousands of dollars for new medical equipment. It is literally beyond their control for many private medical care providers to get all the new equipment they can use.

What is the Solution?

An easy approach to this issue is to purchase used medical equipment that has been remanufactured. Med Equip INC. provides a wide variety of medical equipment that has been fully restored to its new great condition. Your facility will save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars by purchasing used medical equipment, which results in your ability to support patients and optimizing staff resources.

As a consequence, many practitioners buy used or approved pre-owned medical equipment or review their current medical equipment for refurbishment or replacement. In cases with budget constraints, refurbishing medical equipment is most often the best option. Knowing the degree of refurbishment can be critical, whether it is purchasing used medical equipment or refurbishing existing equipment.

There are different levels of refurbishment available for medical equipment, and the correct kind of refurbishment depends on the needs of your medical facility.

What is the Appropriate Level of Refurbishing?

A few primary aspects of the equipment should be taken into account to help you find and choose the right used medical equipment that you need and get the best result for your purchased devices. Upon looking to purchase used medical equipment, you should ask questions about its functionality, its safety, and its cosmetic appearance.

First and foremost, your used medical equipment must operate to its OEM requirements and specifications to support your medical practice and your patients properly. That is, it must do its job as expected and reliably. Second, for its intended use, it must be “clean and sanitary.” Patient protection is otherwise at risk.

Function, durability, and cleanliness of equipment are therefore the priorities in refurbishing efforts and spending. ‘Reprocessed equipment’ is tested and thoroughly washed, disinfected, and sterilized by specialist technicians to ensure that it meets the operating and performance requirements of the manufacturer.

When first seen by patients and office visitors, the aesthetic appearance of used medical equipment may be critical. Used medical equipment that appears to be “new” instills confidence in patients, workers, and technicians alike. Fresh-looking instruments are trusted and brighten the overall appearance of the medical facility. Old tired-looking machinery in mediocre condition, showing years of work, results in reverse.

‘Cosmetically refurbished’ equipment shall be tested to meet the operating and performance requirements of the manufacturer, completely sanitized and painted, cleaned, or otherwise visually/cosmetically refurbished to look great and fresh, and shall eradicate all visual imperfections, including proof of wear and tear.

Of course, if your medical equipment is used in places that are not open to the eyes of your patients or other visitors to the medical office or hospital, its look or appearance is not that relevant. In such instances, the function and efficiency of the unit alone are what matter, and wasting money on cosmetics might not be needed.

In certain cases, refurbishing used medical equipment requires removing or modifying components or functional components to ensure that the device meets the functional requirements and/or existing performance expectations of the OEM. “Parts refurbished equipment” is medical equipment in which a dysfunctional part is removed and cosmetically repaired to ensure maximum operation.

Hospital equipment should be overhauled to ensure the complete and long-lasting use of medical equipment. The main mechanical parts or components with different propensities to malfunction over time are replaced with new or updated parts in “fully refurbished equipment.” The unit is reassembled, checked to OEM specifications for complete reliability, and fully cosmetically repaired as well.

We are the Best in Canada

To get the best out of your used medical equipment, it is better to go to a place that provides you with technicians with the right expertise and skills to do the job correctly at a fair price for a superior level of refurbishment service. It is possible to effectively refurbish several forms of medical equipment for much less than new replacement prices.

Refurbished medical equipment will operate properly for years and satisfy your medical needs as a new model. That is what we provide here at Med Equip INC. in Toronto.

Med Equip INC. has been supplying used, remanufactured, and refurbished medical devices to healthcare facilities across the nation for a long time. We are fully accredited with Health Canada and have previously completed plenty of hospitals nationally remanufacturing projects.

We will buy your outdated equipment, in addition to selling used medical products. A wide variety of on-hand components helps us to turn around even the most difficult projects easily, minimizing the amount of downtime for your facility. All of our Renew Medical items have a minimum warranty of two years for parts and labour. We serve used medical equipment in all other major markets in Canada with a truly national scope.

Selling and remanufacturing used medical equipment is only part of what   Med Equip INC. can offer for your facility. We also offer consulting services. Contact us today and find out about all the features, offers, and services we provide for our used products.

If you also have used medical equipment that you are trying to sell, search no mere! No matter your postal code, you can sell it to us! We are one of the first ones to make this offer, not only in Toronto.