DRÄGER Fabius CE, mobile anaesthesia workstation, with dual vaporisor support, electric ventilation, breathing circuit, integrated monitoring: insp. O2 conc., breathing rate, tidal volume, AMV, mean and plateau pressure, peak respiratory pressure and PEEP, fresh gas flow, second-hand Surcharge for gas cylinder (10 l) mount art. No. 1004512 and 1004511 The standard inlet pressure for anaesthesia units is approx. 5 bar. If you would like to operate your device with an oxygen concentrator, we must convert the device to concentrator operation. Our All Units Are Refurbished , Ready to Use and all units are checked with our Biomedical Engineer team.


  • Dual Vaporisor Support
  • Electric Ventilation
  • Breathing Circuit
  • Integrated Monitoring:
    • Insp. 02 conc.
    • Breathing rate
    • Tidal volume
    • AMV
    • mean and plateau pressure
    • peak respiratory pressure
    • PEEP
    • fresh gas flow
    • second-hand surcharge for gas cylinder
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