Resmed VS3

Certified Refurbished Medical Equipment!


Please read this manual carefully before using the device. This manual is provided with the VS III™ device you have received.
It does not in any way replace the clinical manual supplied to your physician or HME provider.
The VS III is designed to provide ventilation to all patients, whether or not they are ventilator-dependent. It can deliver invasive ventilation (via a tracheostomy tube, for example) or non-invasive ventilation (via a mask or mouthpiece, for example);
however, the illustrations and text describe mask setups only.

1.1 DefinitionsThis manual contains special terms and icons that appear in the margins to draw your attention to specific and important information.
CAUTIONExplains special measures for the safe and effective use of the device.

WARNINGAlerts you to possible injury.

Note: Is an informative or helpful note. : Signals an action for you to perform.

1.2 User/Owner responsibility

owner or user of this device shall have sole responsibility and liability
for any injury to persons or damage to property resulting from •the device being set up, operated or cleaned in a manner which does not comply with the instructions provided•The device is set up, maintained or altered by unauthorized
persons and/or in a manner which does not comply with the

21.3 Medical information
Purpose of your ventilation device VS III is intended to ventilate both adults and children. Patients may use it at home and/or in a hospital.
The device is used with either a single or double respiratory circuit.
Two ventilation programs can be set up by your physician. You can switch from one to the other while ventilation is running.

•This manual must be read and understood in full before the device is
•The advice contained in this manual does not replace the instructions given by your prescribing physician (or HME provider), who will already be familiar with the operation of the device through the clinical manual provided.
•The device settings must be entered by competent and trained staff under the supervision of a physician.
•The device must be used with the accessories recommended by the manufacturer and by your prescribing physician. The use of inappropriate accessories is likely to affect the operation of the device.
•If you have any questions about setting up, operating or maintaining your ventilator or its accessories, contact your HME provider.
•The ventilator must be transported in its travel bag.
•In the case of externally visible faults, cease using the device.
•If the performance of the device becomes erratic, and you find it difficult to breathe or trigger a breath, contact your HME provider.
•To avoid the risk of electrocution, do not open the device casing.
Repairs and internal servicing should only be performed by an authorized service agent.
•If there is interference on the electrical network, operate the ventilator on battery power.
•Your HME provider must ascertain the electromagnetic characteristics of the environment in which this ventilator will be
used. In particular, your HME provider must ensure that:
•When the ventilator is operated in proximity to other electrical
devices, including cell phones, there is no interference, and the
ventilator performs correctly
•The ventilator is never placed on or under other devices

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