Storz Aida HD Connect 

Certified Refurbished Medical Equipment!


Important information for users of KARL STORZ equipment
Thank you for your expression of confidence in the KARL STORZ brand name. Like all of our other products, AIDAHD Connect'” is the result of years of experience and great care in manufacture. You and your organization have decided in favor of a state-of-the-art, high-quality piece of equipment from KARL STORZ.
This instruction manual is intended to serve as an aid in the proper setup, installation, and operation of AIDAHD Connect'”. All essential details of the equipment and all actions required on your part are clearly presented and explained. We ask that you read this
manual carefully before proceeding to work with the equipment. Keep this manual available for ready reference in a convenient and
conspicuous location near the equipment.

Indication for use
This system is a digital video, still, image and audio capture device intended for documentation of surgical procedures.

General description
AIDAHD Connect'” captures both still images and streaming video, with the capability of storing the surgical images on a CD, DVD,
USB flash devices and to a network.
Features of AIDAHD Connect'” include:
• User-friendly touch screen (remote or optional integrated SmartScreen®) for control of functions
• HD Digital storage capability on CD-R, DVD+R or DVD-R, USB & Network
• The capture of images/video from the Karl Storz programmable camera head buttons
• “Print during capture” for immediate still image prints
• Optional audio recording during video or still image capture
• Printed report listing patient information, captured video files, and thumbnail images of the captured still images
• For use with both NTSC and PAL video signals
• Video inputs: analog composite input, analog S-Video input, digital HD SDI video input, and DVI input
• Video outputs: analog composite output, analog S-Video output, digital HD SDI video output, and DVI output
• Audio inputs: Line level audio input
• Multi-session recording on optical media
• Password log-in to facilitate HIPAA requirements
• Optional DICOM module

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