Storz Telecam System

Certified Refurbished Medical Equipment!

An ergonomic handpiece as well as embedded function keys and functional control elements for optical zoom and focus guarantee fatigue-free, efficient use. With the easy-to-operate universal coupling, all standard endoscope eyepieces (including third-party endoscopes) can be firmly and securely connected. The patented exposure control ensures lag-free brightness adjustment to different lighting conditions and reliably eliminates underexposure and overexposure on the monitor. As a result, light levels are optimally controlled, even in dark or highly reflective applications. In industrial endoscopy, the optical zoom of TELECOM SL II offers undreamt-of optical possibilities. Once the image has been focused, the optical zoom allows zooming at will at consistent sharpness without requiring additional refocusing. All camera types are durable, robust, and perfectly suited for rough industrial environments posing challenges such as splash water and dust.

Ø Features & Benefits:

· Par focal Zoom Lansing system (25-50mm).

· The zoom optimizes the image size for all endoscopes from 1.2mm to 10mm flexible or rigid.

· Par focal alleviates the need to refocus when magnifying the image. This system offers superb image quality and magnification at a comfortable distance from the surgical site.

· Programmable user controls. Two buttons conveniently located on the camera head enable operation of camera functions and peripheral devices.

· Patented auto-exposure system seamlessly adjusts to variations in light, eliminating white-out or drop-off.

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