Resmed Integra 

Certified Refurbished Medical Equipment!


VS Integra™
Adaptable pressure ventilator
(FOR INVASIVE AND noninvasive USE)

Flexibility in pressure ventilation

• Ventilation with vented or non-vented masks
• Comprehensive pressure modes—Spontaneous/Spontaneous Timed Ventilation
(S/ST), Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV), Assisted Controlled Pressure Ventilation
([A]PCV) and Assisted Controlled Pressure Ventilation with leakage circuit ([A]PC)
• Pressure settings up to 50 cm H2
• Optional oxygen inlet
• Suitable for chronic conditions
• Suitable for adults and pediatrics

Convenient and portable

• Lightweight
• Optional internal battery with up to four hours
of battery life1
• External battery option


• Simplified menu—quick access to standard settings
• Systematic and logical navigation—goes through
one parameter after another, ensuring that all
critical parameters are viewed and set

Synchronization for breathing comfort

• Automatic inspiratory and expiratory trigger
functions help reduce patient breathing effort
• TiControl™—a feature that provides minimum and maximum
inspiratory time limits, facilitating patient-ventilator synchronization
• Automatic leak compensation
• Micro-blower and three-way valve enhances
ventilatory performance

Simple and effective monitoring

• Expanded menu—includes secondary parameters
displayed on the device
• EasyDiag software—graphic analysis of ventilatory parameters,
compliance information, remote monitoring, and a ventilation log
• Data management capabilities—for clinical evaluation and decision-making
during treatment, especially valuable when managing complex conditions
• Alarm options provide safety during therapy