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Buy Ventilator – Canada

If you’re looking to purchase a wide variety of new and used Ventilators Portable or Statistic, for anesthesia, CPAP, or Revitalization, for adults or kids, we offer them all, and you have come to the right website.

Med-Equip INC. offers the Canadian Hospital, healthcare establishments, personal clientele, or patient with state-of-the-art Surgical Instruments, Operating Room Supplies, and Surgical Equipment with different circuit pathways.

If you wish to Buy a Ventilator in 2021, Med-Equip INC. can offer your Ventilator equipment with outstanding support to all healthcare establishments across Canada with impeccable acute care.

Ventilator Use

Ventilators are artificial lung ventilation units used for every intensive care unit to help patients with critical respiratory difficulties or additional anesthesia to support air volume.

The Ventilator works as an artificial lung that introduces a combination of chemically-infused gas, humidity, and the right temperature in and out of the patients’ lungs as breathable air, to save their lives. Ventilators have been deemed exceptionally important in 2020 and 2021 during this pandemic height, and so their enhanced importance.

Ventilator Unit Identification

A Ventilator Equipment has 2 Units:

1. An Execution Unit: The most vital part of the ventilator machine. Includes three main parts:

  • A high-pressure chamber that mixes chemical gases with filter oxygen for ease of breathing.
  • Gas blend regulator valve, and
  • A breathing circuit that exhausts carbon dioxide from the patient’s airway replaces it with filter oxygen.

2. A Control Unit: Consists of a keyboard and a monitoring surface, displaying the machines’ positive and negative data and low and high oxygen pressure supply information.

Ventilator Oxygen Flow Operation

Two applications do the Ventilator Air-flow of Oxygen into a patient’s lungs:

Non-Invasive Ventilator (NIV)

The NIV Method supplies the air using a special mask.

Invasive Ventilator (IV)

This IV Method; used for ICU and CCU Patients in intensive care. Uses an E.T. Tube or a Tracheal Tube that enters the patients’ tracheostomy through their respiratory tract for direct access to the lungs.

Medical Ventilator Systems for Patient Care at Home Care or Hospital

At Med-Equip, we understand medical equipment, and we offer constant online nationwide support. Thus, if you want to purchase a ventilator, you could give us the details of your intended patient care usage, location, whether it’s for Home Care or Hospital Use, and patient’s medical condition and need for ventilation device technology. Then we will provide the category, brand, and ventilation model you should be buying based on your intended usage.

Ventilator System Selection Criteria

Your Medical Ventilator choice will depend on a few criteria that we’ll ask when we offer our advanced expertise at Med-Equip.

1. Patient’s Age: The Ventilator Model we’ll offer will depend on the Patients’ Age, depending on if the patient is a newborn, infant, child, or adult.

2. The Ventilator Devices Power Performance Condition: Have been designed with different power resources like; Electric Driven Ventilator series, Pneumatic Drive, Turbine, Mechanical, and Combined Drive Battery.

3. Therapy Purpose: A few therapy purposes for ventilator design devices. These Devices offer:

  • Anesthesia during surgery in healthcare clinical establishments.
  • Resuscitation during Emergency for healthcare clinics, hospitals, and ambulance transport.
  • Integrated revitalization injuries for low breathing rates.

4. Transport Category: Your related device series brand being lightweight, compact, portable, or stationary while considering the cost which you wish to offer.

If you’re Buying Ventilators in 2021, we offer them at Med-Equip with the highest quality and outstanding service and support. So Call Us Now and Get your Ventilators today at Med-Equip INC.